...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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Are You Asking Your Pastor To Do The Impossible?

Monday, June 01, 2015

After being a pastor for over 45 years and now, having the opportunity to speak in a lot of churches, I am convinced that many of our church members are asking their pastor to do the impossible.

One of the impossible tasks many are asking their pastor to perform is that of expecting him to give you a reason to come to church. I have heard so many people say they do not come to church because of the pastor. Now, they do not just use those words. The words are something more spiritual sounding. The things they  say are, "He does not feed me." How about this one. "Our pastor is just not relevent." And I love this one. "Well, he disappointed me several years ago."

May I give you my heart felt response. He cannot feed you if you are not there. And the fact is the word of God is relevent. You may not be willing for the word of God to speak to you. And the disappointment thing. Well the fact is, you disappoint your pastor every Sunday that you are not in church. And yet he is still available to you when you need him.

Your pastor is not responsible for your church attendance. It all boils down to obedience to the Lord. Are you going to be faithful to attend church? The scripture says we are to encourage one another. Have you ever realized it is your responsibility to encourage your pastor? One of the best ways to encourage him is to pray for him and be there when he teaches the word of God.

If you cannot attend your church then get another church. I have an idea that you might be unfaithful to another church as well. So why not just admit it and repent of the sin of not being faithful. Do not ask your pastor to be responsible for your church attendance.

There is another impossible task that many are asking of their pastors. The statement goes something like this. "My pastor does not know me. I have not been in church for several weeks and he has not called." Do  you realize that there are over 50% of your church members who never attend? Do you realize that your pastor has more to do than round up sheep that should not need to be rounded up? Your pastor has a large number of people to know. You have one pastor to know. It is unfair and impossible to expect your pastor to know everyone. And about this thing of expecting your pastor to call you when you miss church.

The question is why have you missed church? Were you extremely ill? Was their a death in your family? Were you walking through a difficult time? Or were you just out on vacation. Or maybe you were just lazy about getting to church. Let me ask you this question. The last time your pastor was out of church did you call him? Again, he has more to do than keep up with people. He has people to minister to. You are asking the impossible to expect him to simply check in with you from time to time.

Come on friends. Let's grow up. When we love Jesus and His church a lot of the things people use as excuses for not attending church and not serving through their church simply disappear. Don't ask your pastor to do the impossible.

Now, I realize there are some pastors who do not do their job. But they are rare. Most of the pastors I know are wonderful men of God. They truly long to serve their people. They are hungry to teach the word of God and see God move in their church. Join your pastor in that task. Work with him. Love him and get to know him. Be a part of those who love and support their pastor. Don't ask him to do the impossible.



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