...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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Do You Brush Your Teeth When You Drive?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As a Baptist preacher I thought I had seen everything. And I have seen a lot of things. But yesterday morning I saw something I had never in my "baptist preacher life", seen. I saw a guy brushing his teeth while he was driving. You read that correctly. I am driving along not bothering anyone. In fact I am actually enjoying my little life as a pastor who had recently retired and poured his life into a new ministry. I was not bothering anyone. Which for a preacher is a miracle in itself. We spend a lot of time bothering people. In fact it is our calling to bother people. If your preacher does not bother you from time to time he is not doing his job. When we preach the word of God it bothers people. But at this particular time I was not bothering anyone. And all of a sudden this guy passes me on 151st street and as I look to my right he is brushing his teeth. I am not kidding. The guy has his tooth brush in his mouth. There is tooth paste foaming around his lips. He has a little bit of something just about to drop off of his chin. You know what this looks like. Look in the mirror while you are brushing your teeth and you will see what this man looked like. Now imagine yourself doing that while you are driving down 151st street. It was a sight.

Now! I naturally have several questions for this fellow. But the first question I have is, where do you spit? Hey, that's not a crude question. Everyone spits when they brush their teeth. That is a good question. And the follow up question is, if you do not spit what do you do? I would rather not answer that question. If you have no place to discard that combination of tooth paste and body fluids what do you do? It is obvious. The only thing to do is keep it in your system. You swallow. Yuk!

About this time you are asking, "Where in the world is this preacher going with this blog?" I have a question. What is worse, maintaining tooth paste and body fluids  in your system or maintaining sin in your system? I know a lot of people who would never keep a mouth full of this wierd stuff in their system who will keep all kinds of sin in their lives. Jesus died for our sin. It took the cross to cover our sin. Shouldn't we be very concerned about what we let stay in our lives?

As a believer in Christ I want to be clean before Him. This is why I take the time to confess my sin from day to day and even moment to moment. I long to be a Christ-follower He can use. My desire is to be able to know His will at any moment. I live to bring glory to Him. I must be clean before Him.

Dear friends, let's stay clean before the Lord. Do not allow sin to stay in your system. The next time you see a guy brushing his teeth while he is driving remember what you might keep in your system. Stay clean before the Lord.  Stay Equipped...


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