...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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Safely Home

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Lord has been so good to allow me to travel to much of the world. Some of those trips have been just a few days and others have been a few weeks. But there is something about each of them that always sticks in my mind. That is, safely getting home. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love to travel. And I especially love to travel internationally. There is something about getting off of an airplane in a country that does not speak English. The sounds are different. The smells are different. The food is different. Everything is different. And yet extremely enjoyable. So you spend your time in that country and get back on a plane to head home. Once you arrive home everything is wonderful. It is a delight to hear people speaking "good ole English". The smells are familiar. The food is wonderful. If you have been on a long international trip it seems the first place you want to go is McDonalds. Nothing like a Big Mc when you have been out of the nation for a while. Finally you get to your own home. And there you are, safely home. You have traveled many miles. You have gone through some stressful situations and now you are safely home.

The day will come when those of us who know the Lord will be safely home. Yes, I am speaking of our eternal home with the Lord. Today we are aliens on this Earth. In our spirit everything is different. We live in a world where we do not fit. Many of the words are so strange to us. It is not our policy to speak harsh words as others do. It is not our desire to use our tongue to praise the Lord and curse man. In fact we feel so out of place with words that do not honor our Lord Jesus.

There are other things that make us so uncomfortable. The priorities of this world are so strange to us. Sports are okay but they not our Lord. Money is necessary but it is not our God. It just all seems so strange that people are impressed with things and stuff. When our greatest desire is simply to worship the One who died for us. In fact we truly wonder why people can get so wrapped up in things that will one day be destroyed.

But never fear brothers and sisters. One day we will be home. And we will be safely home. We will close our eyes on this world and open them in the glory of the Father. We will be see our loved ones. We will spend eternity praising and worshipping the One who truly loves us. Oh, what a day it will be when we are finally, safely home. Looking forward to that day.


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