...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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How To Keep Your Children From Walking With God

Monday, December 15, 2014

I do not believe that any Christian would intentionally keep their children from walking with God. But I see so many Christians who make a paramount mistake in raising their children. This mistake causes their children to walk away from the Lord when they become adults.

The mistake is not living out the Christian life in the home. And this happens almost unknowlingly to the parents. Let me tell you a situation of which I am aware. Now as I tell you the story do not try to figure out if you know the people I am referencing. First of all you will not be able to do that. And secondly that might keep you from hearing the Lord if He is speaking to you.

I know a family who has adult children. During the developing years this family was so involved in the church and the things the church did. In fact from the outside they appeared to be leaders. Bible study classes were under their leadership. They led important committees in the church. It was very important that their children went to all of the camps the church offered. In fact there were very few of the events planned for children and young people that their children were not some of the first in attendance.

But something happened. I watched as their children became adults. As the pastor of these young adults it was  heart breaking to watch them walk away from the Lord. In fact the children, as they became adults, also became confessed atheists. The day came when I had the opportunity to talk with one of the adult children. In my conversation I was told that Christianity was never lived out in the home. The individual I spoke with told me that prayer in the home was just a joke. The family prayed at a meal. But the prayer was just something they did so they could eat. There was never any substance to the prayer. And there was never any prayer at any other time in the home.

During this conversation I was also told that the only time a Bible was picked up was to get in the car and go to church. It was also revealed to me that in the home the church was spoken of in harsh terms. As the pastor I was joked about. Things like,"if Pastor Ted really knew about our home he would never call on dad to pray at church again." Then dad and the family would laugh at those of us who very sincerely attempted to lead the church.

As I continued my conversation with this young adult it was very obvious that they saw Christianity as a joke in the home.

What about the family today. Well, the mother and father, are never in church. The kids are out of the house so Mom and Dad are too busy to go to church. They are never involved in anything on a spiritual level. To be honest the parents are proving to their children that the children were right. The Lord Jesus was a joke in the home. Church was a mockery. The parents are simply proving to their children that what the children thought all of these years was exactly true. Now the children very easily never consider walking with the Lord. They do not even accept that existence of God. The Mom and Dad did a good job of keeping their children from walking with God as adults.

Outside of a miracle and the mighty grace of God these  young adults will continue to walk away from the Lord and one day walk right into Hell. One day they will marry and have children and their children will continue the tradition of walking away from God.

All because the parents never sincerely loved the Lord Jesus.

Today are you helping your children walk away from the Lord? Do they see that you really love Jesus? Are they seeing that you love His church? Do your children see that the things of the Lord are sincerely a part of your life? My friends, our desire should be, that if our children walk away from the Lord they will do it opposing every thing we stand for.

As I was visiting with these young adults I asked them if they were comfortable going home and seeing their parents. One of them said, "Absolutely Pastor Ted, I am just like my Dad. We have a great time together." This is the young atheist saying about his "pseudo-christian" father. "I am just like my Dad."

May the Lord help us lead our children in truth.



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