...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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Fishing Guides and The Bible

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This past week Jerri and I had the joy of spending time with great friends in Colorado. We were invited to a beautiful home in Breckenridge. It was an exciting trip with all of the cool weather one could desire. But the most exciting time for me was fly-fishing. I am a novice fly-fisherman. In fact I went on my first fly-fishing trip earlier in the spring. But needless to say I am (hooked). Pun intended. But this latest experience was the best ever. I was not only treated to a fly-fishing trip. I was treated to a guided fly-fishing trip. It was absolutely amazing.

We arrived at the fishing business about 7:15 that morning. There were four of us fishing and that required 2 guides. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to be guided by a great river guide named Allan. Al for short. Al was the typical river guide. Ruddy skin from the sun. Strong shoulders from rowing a drift boat for many years. And a great sense of humor. Al was the best. For me Al was a lot like the Bible. He was very confident. Early, on our 90 minute drive to the Colorado River where we were going to fish, I asked a dumb question. "Al, are you going to put us on the fish?" To which he responded, "That is not the question. The question is will  you catch the fish I put you on?" And put us on the fish he did. Very soon, when the boat was in the water, we began to catch fish. Al gave me a few instructions about casting a fly rod. He taught me to mend the line. Which is a critical skill in fly-fishing. And quickly we were catching fish. I have to admit I missed more fish than I caught. But I did put some trout in the boat. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I loved it! In fact I am now shopping for fly-fishing equipment. Jerri says, "Thanks Tom Whitwell and Bob Meyer for encouraging this new hobby in my husband. There goes my Chico money!"

But here is the point. As long as we did what Al said we caught fish. He would tell us to cast over a particular ripple in the water. He would tell us that around the next bend in the river there would be "green" water. This is deeper water where the trout like to hide. One time Al took the rod from me and cast into an area about the size of car tire between a couple of rocks. And in seconds he was pulling out a beautiful brown trout. Life was fun as long as we did what Al said. But there were a few times when I did not obey Al. I would try to cast to far. Or I would not be watching the other fisherman in the boat as he was casting and we ended up with a tangled mess of line. (Sorry Bob.) Al would scold me a little and tell me to watch the other guy. But soon he would have our tangled line straightened out and we were once again fishing and catching trout.

The Bible is a lot like Al. As long as we do what the Bible says we can live in abundant life and joy. But the moment we start to disobey the word of God our lives become tangled. And when we confess our sin or our disobedience the Lord comes to our aid and untangles the lives we have knotted up.

I intend to continue fly-fishing. And I hope to have Al as my guide again. But even without Al I will go on fishing. But every time I think of Al or I see something about fly-fishing I will think of my Bible. Thank you Lord for Al. Thank you Lord for my Bible. Thank you Lord for untangling my messed-up life. And when I fish, help me to obey Al. And while I live, help me to obey You. Al, if you happen to read this: Thanks for a great trip and a great lesson about the Bible.



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