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Why I Love Pastors

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

There is nothing in the world like being a pastor. For over 45 years I wore the hat of "Pastor". And I loved it. It was a joy each day to go to the office and know that it was going to be a day of unusual happenings. No day is ever the same for a pastor. Some days are filled with joy and wonder. Some days are filled with saddness and heartache. But no day is the same. The days I loved the most were days I could somewhat "lock" myself in my office and just spend the day with the Lord and with my books in study. I always felt it was a day of great accomplishment when for hours I could dig deep into God's word looking for what He had say to me about how my life needed to change. I always felt that if He spoke to me through a passage of scripture He would also speak to my people.

But now I am in a different ministry. I travel and teach. The Lord has been good to let Jerri and me teach in some really good churches. And these churches are led by wonderful pastors. Now I have discovered something else. Not only did I love being a pastor, I love pastors. Now, don't get me wrong. It has always been in my heart to love the men of God who pastor His church. But now I see it all in such a different way. I see the challenges of pastors. I hear some of the criticism of pastors. And I hear a lot of the joy shared by men as they serve the Lord's church.  Let me share with you why I love pastors.

I love pastors because they are men of sacrifice. They sacrifice family time. The pastor never goes home that he is not aware  the phone might ring and he is off to help some indivual or family. You will never know the evenings the pastor has spent on the phone with those who need his ministry. When many people will not answer the phone after a certain time. Or they screen calls to determine if they want to answer the phone at all. The wise pastor never does that. He realizes that it is more important that he minister to his people than miss a phone call. So he continually makes himself available to his people and the people of the community.

I love pastors because they realize they will never complete their daily work and yet they still make themselves available to ministry. Here is what I mean. I never left the office thinking I was "done for the day." There was always another ministry to strengthen. There was always another propsective family to visit. There was always another person who needed to hear from me or see me. There was always another budget to examine. There was always another program that needed volunteers. In the ministry you never close your door and go home and say to your wife "I am done". Because you are never finished. And yet you continue to serve in this capacity year after year.

I love pastors because they are so versital in their sermons. Have you ever tried to write a sermon that would speak to the nine year old boy and at the same time speak to his M.D. daddy? Have you ever written a sermon that had to touch the life of a single mother, going through many struggles, and at the same time rejoice with the newly married couple that does not even imagine that life could ever have a challenge. Have you ever written a sermon that needed to strengthen parents of rebellious teenagers and at the same time speak to the heart of a 17 year old girl looking for direction in life? I have listed just a few of the thoughts that go through the mind of a pastor as he prepares to preach to his congregation each week.

I love pastors because they have an amazing abilibty to stay focused on Sunday in the midst of a mountain of things that can take their focus. When was the last time you were planning to get up before your congregation with the word of God on your heart and you were interrupted with a knock on your study door.? The individual at the door just "had to see  you right now". The had a "serious problem". The problem was their child was mistreated by another child in Sunday School and they wanted you to talk to the parents of "that little bully." And they wanted  you to talk to them right now. In fact they had been asked to come to your office and were waiting in the lobby to talk with  you. How about this situation. You are about to walk into the worship center. You have a word from God that you are going to deliver to your people. Now hear those words. YOU HAVE A WORD FROM GOD THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DELIVER TO YOUR PEOPLE. But before you get into the worship center you are greeted with these words. "Pastor, have you checked the toilet paper in the ladies room?" "It is always low on paper. You really need to take care of that. It is so embarrassing when people don't have paper. In fact, Pastor, it angers me that I even have to mention this to you." Friends you may think I am making this up. No, no, no. These experiences have come from my memory of serving as a pastor for 45 years. Do you want to hear more. I have a million of them. And so does your pastor. I tell you, I love pastors. They have an amazing ability to stay focused.

I love pastors for a lot of reasons. These are just a few of the reasons. Now, Sunday, when you see your pastor, tell him you love him. And if your little boy is bullied by another little boy take care of it yourself. And ladies when you see the paper in the ladies room is low take care of it. If you don't know where the toilet paper is make a quick run to walmart. You will not be any later coming into the worship service than you normally are if you stand around and talk to the other ladies in the ladies room. You know how it happens. You hear the music beginning. But you have a few other things you need to say to your friends. So you are late getting into the service. Go ahead and take care of the pressing problem of low paper. And before you leave the ladies room pray for your pastor. After all he has A WORD FROM GOD TO DELIEVER!

I love pastors.


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