...So they will be called oaks of righteousness... Isaiah 61:3
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Take A Look And Be Thankful

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It seems one of the things the Lord does in my life from time to time is overwhelm me with thankfulness. I find myself simply looking around my life and becoming very thankful for all the Lord has done for me. Today I am in my home office. As I look around my office there are several things that make me very thankful.

For example. Directly in front of me is a large model of the front end of a 1966 Mustang. This is a special object for several reasons. First of all it is just like the one I owned when I was in High School. When I met Jerri I had a blue 1966 Mustang. Our first date was in that car. So the car has a lot of meaning. But there is something about this keepsake that means more than you might realize.

The blue Mustang model in my office was a Christmas gift from some great friends. One Sunday morning, several years ago, these friends gave me a large box decorated as a Christmas gift. When I opened the box I was amazed at what I saw. There it was, the 1966 Mustang model. It is really cool. First of all it is blue just like the one I owned. My buddies had researched the paint numbers for the 1966 Mustang. And they painted the model the exact color of my car.

But more than being thankful for the model of a car I am thankful for the friendships that model represents. All of these men pray for me and love me. They are men I can count on. They are men who share their faith. They are men who are growing believers in Christ. I am so thankful for these men.

Let me encourage you to take a look around your life today and be thankful. There may be something in your home or in your office that will make you very thankful for all the Lord is doing in your life.

There is great joy in being thankful. Be thankful today.


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