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Should Christians Go See the Movie Heaven is For Real?

Monday, April 21, 2014


We Christians are a funny lot. Have you noticed how quick we are to tell each other what we should do and what we should not do? Now I am not saying we shouldn't encourage one another or that we should not hold each other accountable. In fact the Bible tells us we have a responsibility to help a brother or sister avoid sin. But I am talking about some things we tell each other not to do simply out of our own opinion.

For example, I am hearing a lot of Christians tell other Christians not to see the movie " Heaven Is For Real". And then there is still that group telling us all how sinful we are if we see "Noah". But here are my thoughts.

"Noah" and "Heaven is For Real" are not biblical accounts of Noah and the flood or Heaven. In fact according to what I have read (I have not see either movie) both screen events really miss the bible story by a mile. I have read the book "Heaven is For Real" and I was very disappointed in how Heaven was described. I think there is something to the fact that although Paul went to heaven he did not talk about it. In fact he only mentioned that he knew a man who went into the third heaven. He was very humble about the entire incident. I would have preferred that the book "Heaven is For Real" give more glory to God. But that is simply my opinion.

Maybe it is time for Christians to stop putting down attempts of making movies that we are not afraid to see or take our children to see. I think it is pretty cool that you could take your child to see a movie about Heaven. That is better than taking your child to see a Harry Potter movie or a movie about super heros who are somewhat violent. In fact it might even be better to take your child to see a movie about Heaven than helping your child think that Easter is all about a bunny and some eggs. (Oops now I have gone to preaching. Sorry about that. I am just saying...)  Let me quickly say that as you watch movies that say they are faith based and you realize the have a lot of mistakes in them, tell your children. Let them know the truth. Use the movie to teach, not criticize. I just think it is time for Christians to encourage other brothers and sisters to do all they can to touch the entertainment media with the message of Christ. Now before you take a shot at me, I am not saying Noah the movie taught anything about Christ. But I am still getting witnessing opportunities because the movie is being seen. What a great opportunity to tell people the truth about the world flood and how God used it to eventually bring the Messiah into the world. How thrilling it is to show people how the Ark is a picture of Christ saving those who trust Him. The Ark is a great example of eternal salvation.

I intend to use the movie "Heaven is for Real" as a witnessing opportunity. Personally I do not believe in after death experiences. The scripture says it is appointed once unto man to die and after this the judgment. I am convinced that those who have had an "after death" experience may have been close to death but they did not die. That is just my opinion. And the point is not what I believe about these experinces. The point is I think we can use the movie to teach the truth about Heaven. And even more important I think we can use the movie to talk with people about how you get to Heaven. That would be a  good thing for us all to do. Don't you think?

Let's be redemptive in our speech. Let's be smart spiritually. Let's not be quick to take a negative shot at anything that is off base. Tell the truth, live the truth. And use every opportunity to share about Jesus. Friends let's not allow the world to see us "shooting our own soldiers." There are enough real battles out there for us to fight. Let's go after sin. Let's go after souls for the Kingdom of God. Okay, I am through with this. I just had to say it. 

Look for every opportunity to proclaim Jesus! 


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